Connecting and Building Strong Business Opportunities in Diaspora

How much time have you wasted in the past trying to find the right person or business to solve a problem for you? By getting to know reliable contacts who can provide you with what you want or who can be trusted to recommend others is worth so much in terms of your time and money.
GDN hope to enhance and increase the Kenyan business competitiveness in the local State and in international market. Building network of businesses will not only help seal loopholes for fraudulent businesses from entering the market, but it will also help improve product quality and service delivery by all our partner members. GDN aims to establish a system where chamber members provides products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
Strengths and Accomplishments
• Branding and member recruitment for various investment companies in US Market.
• Database with over 3000 clientele and representatives in over 30 states in the US.
• Branch offices in Missouri, Georgia, and Oklahoma.

Community empowerment is like a bank account, you keep on depositing so that when a need comes you will have something to withdraw. We recommend Kenyans and other communities to enjoy privileges of transacting and investing with businesses on the list.

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